Hydrogen Activated Water Technology

Hydrogen Activated Water Technology Properties

Index Value
Product Name  Hydrogen Activated Water Clusters
Product number HWS
Appearance Grey color clusters
Size distribution with diameter of 2mm-15mm (or customization)
PH 7-10
ORP(mv) -200 ~ -350
H+ 700~1000
Main application Water purification for drinking and for Bath & Cosmetic;

Test Data

Add 25.10g clusters into 500ml water
items H+(ppb) PH ORP
0min 0 6.4 145
3mins 150 8.7 46
10mins 270 9.78 -62
30mins 620 10.34 -195
60mins 950 10.42 -286
600mins 1180 10.43 -382
Add 25.01g clusters into 750ml water
items H+(ppb) PH ORP
0min 0 6.4 145
3mins 240 8.7 49
10mins 560 9.78 -35
30mins 700 10.33 -173
60mins 940 10.34 -252
600mins 1090 10.37 -367


Hydrogen Activated Water Technology
Functions 1 Increases Potential Hydrogen in Water
Functions 2 Restore pH balance in your body
Functions 3 Anti-oxidant power strengthen body’s immune system
Functions 4 Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively
Functions 5 Essential minerals maintains optimal health
Functions 6 Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables
Functions 7 Inhibit microbe breeding


Energy Wave offers a unique Hydrogen Activation Water Technology which can be custom tailored to fit your exact needs for whole-house water treatment systems, personalized travel products, and for micro to large scale agricultural and anytype of industrial applications including desalination plants.  Our Hydrogen Activated Water Technology is formulated with all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. Our Hydrogen Activation Clusters increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration.



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