Air to water generator 100L/D

This machine is controlled by microcomputer system, which ensures the optimal performance of the machine at all times.

The internal prevention interference function and filter system protection function monitors the performance and will stop the machine automatically in the event of a filter system break down.

This machine has ultraviolet radiation sterilization system, to ensure the elimination of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The integrated module design, makes changing of any filters or other maintenance work more convenient.

AWG 100L
Voltage 240V 1N 50Hz
Power 1.2KW Input 6.3A Input MAX 8.3A
Refrigerant/volume R410A/650g
Prooduction capacity 100L/25H
Condenser MAX pressure 4.2Mpa
Evaporator MAX pressure 1.5Mpa
Working temperture 15°C-38°C
Working humidity 30%-95%

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Power Source: Electrical
Type: Atmospheric Water Generators
Installation: Free standing
Certification: GS, UL
Capacity (CFM): 100
Power (W): 50
Voltage (V): 220
Model Number: AWG100L
Water production: 100 liters per day

How the Atmospheric Water Generator works

The Atmospheric Water Generator is a humidity and temperature-driven appliance. This means the ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature. To achieve optimum performance, the indicated relative humidity should be at least 50% or more.

In regions with lower humidity levels, it will produce water at a slower rate and with less volume than that of a higher humidity environment. In a residential environment, higher levels of humidity tend to be found in kitchen areas, near bathrooms used for bathing, near open windows (in warmer weather), or in more spacious rooms.

The AWG works by converting humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as an effective dehumidifier. To ensure high quality of the drinking water produced, the AWG utilizes multiple filtration technologies.

When the air is dry and cold, water generation may become slow and inefficient. The AWG can also serve as a water purifier using its filtration system.

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Atmospheric Water Generator comes in a number of sizes to meet your needs.