Air to Water Generator 1000L/D

 7-Stages Filtration System Air To Water Generator 1000L/D

The large capacity air water generator is especially suitable for the following areas:

Small towns,disasters area, flood locations

Large Capacity air water generator captures the moisture from outside air and turns it

into the purest,healthiest and highly

oxygenated drinking water available on earth.In the process of remove moisture from

outside air,the air is dehumidified and

cooled making it ideal air to add into indoor environments. The aquatic system serves

several purposes;making water, dehumidiying the air,conditioning outside air

and effectively purifying indoor air.

All are accomplished with a single source of energy thereby making the large

capacity system a unique energy efficient water making system available today.


7-Stages Filtration System Air To Water Generator 1000L/D

Packing Details:Exported Standard Carton Box

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 Air Water Generator(Air to Water Machine) Specifications:

Mode No. BWT-A1000
Voltage/Frequency 380V50HZ   220V/60Hz
Input Power Consumption 11KW
Production capacity 1000L/Day 80%RH/27 ℃
Input Power of Compressor 3KW*2
Lower tank volume 40L
Opper tank Volume 80L
Working Conditions 20℃-38℃  (35%RH-95%RH)
Compressor Emerson
Refrigerant R-22
Gas filling weight
Filtration system) PPF+CTO+UDT+UF+UV
Phase Protection of


Phase-sequence Protection /

Delay Protection /

Low Pressure Protection /

Overheat & Overload Protection

Noise Level <70DB
Package Size 132*183*224 (packed in wooden box)
Gross Weight (KGS) 650kg



Q1: Water Filters/What does the water filtration do?

A1: Our unique multi-stage water filter configuration is designed specifically

to treat and clean the mains water supplies of Melbourne

Whereby chlorine is added, and dirt, rust and other impurities may find their way into

the water downstream from the source reservoirs,

our multi-stage water filters remove these chemicals and impurities together with heavy

metal removal and microbiological control, to produce clean, fresh,

food grade quality drinking water that TASTES GREAT, and retains the goodness of

existing minerals.

Q2:How and where is the Water Cooler installed?

A2: To install an Unlimited Water Cooler, our Plumbers make a simple “out of sight”

connection to the mains water supply, and run a flexible food-grade

line to the water filters and cooler -which can be placed anywhere from Kitchens,

Staff rooms, Boardrooms, Reception and Office areas to Hallways,

Production areas, Factories and Warehouses. Unlimited Water Coolers only require

the floor space of a phone book (or benchtop space in a kitchenette).

Our Installers are Licensed Plumbers who use Quality System procedures and certified

parts that meet Australian and International standards.

Q3:Is there enough room under my sink for a new reverse osmosis drinking water system?

A3: Yes. The system only takes up about 20% of the space underneath your sink.

Q4:Is it difficult to install a reverse osmosis system?

A4: No. Our systems are specially designed for easy installation. You will be sent easy-to-follow

instructions along with your system. If you do have any questions,

feel free to call one our technicians who will be more than happy to assist you.

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