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        NEXTG Exempt Telecommunications Company

        Ultra High Definition Television or UHDTV is a partner of NextG Corporation (also known as NextG “NxG”, the Company) is certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission and registered with the SEC- Securities and Exchange Commission: as an “ETC “ Exempt Telecommunications Company. The Company can complete solutions that can IP Multicast to any television, cell phone, internet connection, game port and computer from a single signal. This signal is called multi-casting services via fiber optic utility lines and wireless internet.

        The business model is to roll out over 10,000 4K UltraHD & 8K HDR resolution; Digital television channels, local and regional TV stations like ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, new market entrants international channels like the Global, BBC and NHK, pay per view movies and sport channels. NextG will reach an international population within California of over 38.8 million and 10 million homes passed. Special TV channels will be dedicated to Emergency 1st Responders Search and Rescue Disaster Recovery’ communications training.

        The income model is from monthly fees from multi-media subscribers. The income includes paid services from Digital TV television, cell phone DTV services, internet TV broadcasting (OVS/OVD deregulated cable company) subscribers, California Statewide Cable Franchise (exemptions pending approval California Public Utilities Commission). Home computers & laptop paid subscriptions via open Internet access F.C.C rulings 2015. These advanced DTV TV Services will also be available to automobiles, bus and train transport companies. The income includes subscriber services to utility companies, new market entrants, providing entertainment services to their subscriber’s base. The income includes, affiliate partner operator’s fees; whom will operate and distribute the signals in an exclusive operating agreement in select markets and international regions who desire American programming.

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