Ultra high speed private local area networks that covers large areas and regions our solutions are the most energy efficient and while offering the fastest wireless connections possible all over open standards no licenses necessary. WiMax & WiFi Systems and standards are growing rapidly and Energy Wave has offers the fastest, most reliable and cost effective WiMax and WiFi systems available on the market. We can custom design your personal or business high speed local area and wide area gateway networks ranging from 300 to 900 feet to 5 to 10 to 20+ mile areas.   Our systems can perform over 600mbps to over 1 Gigbit Speeds ideal for transmitting HD video and sending large data files quickly and securely over you private network.  We also have Digital Video Transmission systems that can send video over 200 Miles!

We provide wireless broadband Internet services, datacenters, and interactive software solutions across the World utilizing wireless data technology, wireless internet antennas, repeaters, network operations, and grid cloud computing services. We will be providing cutting edge blazing fast medium for communication, interactive multi-media, and business management cloud computing services over the internet. The market for long-range WiFi broadband internet service is wide open. Current and upcoming wireless data options are cost prohibitive and require expensive specialized hardware making it unsustainable.

WiFi Mesh networks with Ai and IOT sensors and hotspots are an exploding market World-wide. The modernized World needs access to the methods of communication, e-commerce, education, and volumes of information now available on the Internet, at a cost they can afford, and in such a way that they aren’t confined to a bedroom or office desk. Our goal is to provide projects with a convenient and affordable way to access the Internet away from home and the office in hotels, resorts, parks, shopping malls, stores and public spaces.