Negative Ion Water Activation Spheres

Negative Ion Sphere  Specifications

Index Value
Product Name Negative Ion Water Activation Spheres
Product number NIONWS01
Appearance Nut-brown color spherical balls
Size distribution 2mm-30mm diameter (or customization)
Hardness (%) 85-95
Bulk density (g/m3) 0.74~0.78
Test data (balls put 24h in the water) –ORP (mv): 160-300 increasing in 24 hours
–Negative ion concentration (cm3): 1200-40000 increasing in 24 hours
–Conductivity (mS/cm) : 0.035-0.125 increasing in 24 hours
–PH: 0.41-1.55 increasing in 24 hours

Test data

Items(24hous) Data
ORP(mv) ↓160-300
negative ion concentration(cm3) 1200-40000
conductivity(ms/cm) ↑0.035-0.125
PH ↑0.41-1.55
Hardness 85%-95%
buld density(g/m3) 0.74-0.78


Negative Ion Water Activation Spheres
Functions 1 Water activation
Functions 2 Increase air negative ion concentration
Functions 3 Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water
Functions 4 Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively
Functions 5 Essential minerals maintains optimal health
Functions 6 Improve the taste of water
Functions 7 Inhibit microbe breeding



Negative Ion Water Activation Spheres excite the water molecules by turning tap water into activated negative ion charged water. The spheres generate negative ions ranging from 1500 to 2000p/s.cm3, and increase the emission rate of far infrared more than 90% into the water. Also they could release over 20 kinds of necessary trace elements for hu-man body.




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