Blackout light deprivation greenhouse


Customized 6-10m x 1.3-3m x 3-5m
Pipe diameter 22mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/60mm
Covering film 80-200 micron
Optional systems side ventilation by roll up machine

cooling, irrigation, shading, heating system

drip irrigation/micro sprinkler irrigation

movable seedbed/ebb and flow tables

1. Steel structure. The main galvanized frame(The main column according to the wind load and snow load).
2. Roof cover. The greenhouse film (PE, PVC, EVA, PO) has different thickness (from 80 micro to 200 micro).
3. Shading system. There are outside shading system and inner shading system (inner warming syatem).
4. Cooling and heating system
(1) The cooling system is composed by cooling fan and cooling pad, which can maintain the temperature in the greenhouse at 26-30℃ in summer.
(2) Circulation fan
5. Ventilation system. There are two type, they are manual and motor ventilation.


Medical planting 100% blackout light deprivation greenhouse

Blackout greenhouse is designed to promote complete darkness at some times, while permitting light at others, and at the will of the grower or greenhouse operator.

Blackout greenhouse is composed by hot galvanized pipe as the structure, and two-layer curtains which can create complete light deprivation. Curtains available in a range of thicknesses.

Characteristic of blackout greenhouse:

1.Light deprivation systems are customized for your greenhouse structure.
2. Offers growers greater flexibility when staging their crop cycles.
3. Protect crops from light contamination from neighbors, street lights, etc.
4. Reduce the amount of supplemental light reflecting out of the greenhouse at night.
5.Curtains provide simplicity, ease of installation, operation and control.
6. Light deprivation curtains are UV-stabilized for longest lifespan.
7. Offer daylight control and additional energy savings.



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