Our Vision & Mission

The overall vision and mission of PHYTOS is:

To economically produce a commercial quality phyto super foods. Our goal is to become the premier franchise turnkey vertical farm and phyto nutrient extraction facilities and distributor in the World.  We also provide an array of turnkey technologies for the cannabis industry. Our core value proposition is to operate as community stewards teaching communities about community building through teaching sustainable business practices as well as health education. Our vision is to develop and create a more comprehensive professional ecosystem within the cannabis industry, by creating highly efficient grow facilities by reducing the costs of power, water, materials and space by over 50%, and to provide excellent patient experiences with the highest quality organic products and customer service available in the industry.

Our Specific Key Targets:

  • Manufacturing high grades of super-foods and phyto nutrients
  • Create a thriving and highly profitable, state of the art, ecologically responsible industrial super-food production facilities
  • Create a global website of membership driven educational resources and directory listings for related research, resources and collaborators World-wide
  • Create stable, high wage employment for the local communities
  • Create education and job training programs to increase the skill base of local communities
  • Provide alternative health products and plans and products which are totally organic for families and businesses
  • Develop water, food, energy, independence solutions and models for communities Worldwide.
  • Contribute to the reduction of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere
  • Create new and exciting organic healthy Non-GMO cannabis hemp super-food products.

Our Goals

To create a turnkey design, delivery and energy efficient automated operation systems for growing organic pesticide free super-food products. Design beautiful creative educational interactive event experiences using light, sound, geometry and cymatics and vortex water features as well as plasma systems which will create electrifying exciting experiences for our clients and visitors and students who come to learn how we use these sciences to grow more efficiently and for creating resonant water and foods. These systems and events will demonstrate how we use frequency, light  and magnetism to structure water which we use to feed our plants with which helps to accelerate the growth of plants while improving their overall health and integrity, while providing the balanced natural chemistry that our plants need. By having educational events. social gathering, arts, music, and healing and wellness events we hope to reveal new creative experiences for people to learn about our facilities and practices in a new and exciting way.

Our Objectives

Bring together the best technologies, facilitate the most efficient, productive, and easy to maintain vertical farming food and cannabis growing systems in the marketplace. Extend leasing of our equipment, research labs and industrial facilities; outfit them with all of our unique and exciting new systems and ideas and create a collaborative space for our think tanks and various related projects. Establish Research and Development to experiment with technologies. Fine-tune systems and settings for each food and cannabis grow crop. Determine, monitor and analyze grow, to extraction and entire product life-cycles. Design eco-packaging for our products and produce. Create a scalable e-commerce and television and WiFi gateway and cloud platform to help facilitate marketing and distribution.Establish regional sales programs to begin distribution. Provide educational and employment opportunities to engage with anyone who is inspired to work with us.

Our Advantages Over The Competition

Advantages of the AetherPonix Growing System In comparison with the traditional agriculture systems and vertical farming systems. AetherPonix facilities are the most energy efficient farming systems available in the World combining advanced proven water technologies, frequency technologies, multi stage filtration systems, energy efficient lighting, misting technology, automated management, food injection, renewable power, and control systems.

  • Ability to control (pH) Levels  digitally
  • Ability to Monitor and Control Entire Facilities Lighting, Water, Power, Monitoring, Sensors, Food Injectors Remotely
  • 50% Reduction in power consumption for indoor farming.
  • Limited water consumption. This system can be implemented in any environment.
  • Agricultural success independent of land and soil quality. Soil composition is not relevant because soil is never used in the process.
  • Intensive food production on a limited land surface area. The 3-dimensional growing system has the highest output per square foot of land per year of any system known.
  • The growing system can be constructed near consumers. The greenhouse can be constructed near urban centers and markets, with consequent reduction of freight costs and offering consumers freshly-cropped products.
  • Yields are independent from any seasonal adversity. This includes cold, hot windy, or dry weather, etc.
  • Non-stop production cycle ensures a constant market supply with more price stability.
  • Automation of most agricultural operations with a limited necessity of farm labor and farm equipment investments.
  • The simplicity and reliability of the mechanical system permits the employment of unskilled labor and the partially handicapped. It therefore possible to produce on a commercial basis in areas without any agricultural tradition.
  • Higher organic qualities of the products. Examination of “plateau” states of growing stock has shown a higher salt percentage of up to 30 %.
  • Social reevaluation of agricultural work which in the aeroponic system is planned. This agricultural scheme follows an industrial model: daily fixed working-hours, no more unsuitable back-breaking work in the environment but sheltered from the weather, no more seasonal or occasional work but uninterrupted activity during the whole year.
  • PHYTOS UHDTV Station
  • PHYTOS Podcasts
  • AMARAKA and UHDTV 360 VR Immersive Venues
  • AMARAKA and UHDTV Web Platforms and Applications
  • Digital Interactive Collaborative Teleconferencing Ecosystem
  • Global Bitcoin enabled Webstore and Cryptocurrency Wallets and Exchange Tools
  • Crowd-Funding Platform
  • Credit Card Payment and Bitcoin Payment Tools
  • Bitcoin Wallet Tools
  • Affiliate Commission System
  • Power Management and Savings Technologies
  • Renewable Power Technologies
  • Advanced Health Technologies
  • Bio Technologies
  • Nano Technologies
  • Water Technologies
  • Food Farming Technologies
  • WiFi Mesh Network Systems
  • Thriving Holistic Ecosystems  – Our Project Development Framework

Our Revenue Models

  • Vertical Farming Operations Commercial Production and Equipment Solutions
  • Franchise, distributing, reselling and licensing our brands and products
  • Global Cloud Tracking Compliance and Knowledge base and Directory
  • Super Food Products
  • Research and Development of new plant strains and medical derivatives
  • Lab Equipment Rentals and R& D Services
  • Membership Subscriptions for accessing our research database
  • Membership Subscriptions for accessing Video Education Network
  • Interactive Video Teleconferencing
  • Hosting & Cloud Sharing Environments
  • Advertising through our Branding, Marketing and Point of Sale Solutions
  • WiFi Gateways in various regions and facilities across the U.S.
  • TV and Radio Show
  • VR AR Education Centers and Super Food Health Bars
  • Consulting Solution
  • Dispensary and Retail Solutions
  • Payment Processing Solutions
  • Consumer Product Solutions
  • Affiliate and Re-seller Memberships

Digital Interactive Collaborative Educational Ecosystems

PHYTOS offers an exclusive and unique way to transmit High Definition audio, video, images, and 3D animation content over the internet. Our CDN consists of a cluster architecture that works over existing internet communication protocols World-wide. We are building a Global ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ social media, collaboration, e-commerce CMS website and knowledge base which will provide access to a wealth of holistic ecosystems, high tech resources, products, solutions, and practices that can be utilized to enhance communities World-wide.

PHYTOS offers a series of specific proprietary hardware, and software system integration that brings Global E-Commerce, Film Production, Animation, HD Television and Radio to the Internet unlike any other system or network in the World. PHYTOS provides clients with CDN, CMS, HD live streaming and Video-On-Demand, Bulk Trans-coding, and Rendering at incredible speeds, low bandwidth usage, redundant reliability. PHYTOS can also enable you to manage and streamline your HD Media production content across the World over the internet.

Additionally we will provide a resource environment education and interactive-collaboration over the internet with the purpose of empowering people who are working towards creating a better thriving World for all. This network will provide high quality information in advanced technologies, sciences, arts, health and eco-friendly technologies. We hope to empower people and their communities with the latest and greatest technologies, knowledge and resources to help further and create pro-active development and technology infrastructure which can be accessed and utilized to better enhance lives in communities around the World. We encourage Countries, Governments, States, County’s, and Communities around the World to support this movement to empower the people with the choice and the full empowerment to guide and build their own future in a more holistic and self reliant manner than currently being done. Our education and collaboration network is for individuals who have common interests in sharing quality information on how to assist humanity on improving the quality of life by realizing our own inner strength and importance of community networking, self-sufficiency, and developing building and deploying thriving holistic ecosystems by taking personal responsibility of our own future and destiny.

Crowd-Funding Platform

PHYTOS also provides a crowd-funding platform using concurrency. For the first time people can be funded via Bitcoin and cash out the Bitcoins into their local currency through multiple Global currency exchanges. PHYTOS provides a seamless easy to use User Interface and design which can enable the funding of anyone’s dream to manifest anywhere in the World faster than ever before.  We provide technology and resources that can assist anyone in being a part of our ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ framework and infrastructure.

Our Holistic Ecosystems / Our General Categories of Focus

Our Holistic Ecosystems framework is based upon implosion harmonics and mathematics which is the principal in truly understanding ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ and modeling after the Natural Universe.

Purified Resonant Water – Multi-stage water purification accompanied by a Clean Water Act that removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

Health and Environmental Hazard Risk Reduction – Identify health and environmental hazards and develop technologies that support and enable risk reduction.

Clean Renewable Energy – Sustainable power from solar, wind, biomass, and hydro.

Healthy Affordable Housing – Low cost energy efficient durable shelters for temporary, semi-permanent, and long-term housing.

Organic Locally Grown Food – Develop and cultivate our organic local agriculture and farming techniques.

Communication & Technology – Develop training in High tech education to accelerate our high-tech understanding so we can adapt to the technology age.

Waste Recovery & Sanitation – Address smarter more efficient ways to improve how communities deal with the trash problem.

Interactive Education & Visionary Arts – Teach holistic ecosystems base principals like, reduce, reuse, recycle, holistic health, holistic agriculture, arts, healing arts, clean high technologies, energetics, culture, and science.

Science & Ascension School – Develop and build and place where science and spirituality converge to unravel the greatest knowledge and mysteries and develop platforms that can teach the general public advanced knowledge quickly.

Our Key Target Goals after implementing or ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ are:
Identify the highest quality of local sustainable food, infrastructure systems and resources then begin reducing our dependency to standard imported products and wasteful consumables that have any negative impact or effect on our environment or our bodies. Maximize the efficiency of local economies by creating vision, database, and web infrastructure management plan that empowers organizes local sustainable action efforts worldwide.

We invite you to Join the PHYTOS movement when we launch!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or information. Again thank you for your consideration and welcome to PHYTOS.


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